VISIGRAPP (GRAPP) 2023 (Technical Paper Oral Session)
Real-time Physics-based Mesh Deformation with Haptic Feedback and Material Anisotropy.

MIG 2022 (Technical Paper Oral Session)
Simulating Fracture in Anisotropic Materials Containing Impurities.

I3D 2022 (Technical Paper Oral Session)
Interactive Physics-Based Virtual Sculpting with Haptic Feedback.

SIGGRAPH Posters 2022 (Special Invitation in Technical Paper Oral Session)
Artist Controlled Fracture Design Using Impurity Maps.

SIGGRAPH Posters 2021 (Special Invitation in Technical Paper Oral Session)
Scalable Visual Simulation of Ductile and Brittle Fracture.

VISIGRAPP (IVAPP) 2021 (Technical Paper Oral Session)
Non-linear Monte Carlo Ray Tracing for Visualizing Warped Spacetime.

EuroHaptics 2018 (Technical Paper Poster Session)
Haptic Rendering of Solid Object Submerged in Flowing Fluid with Environment Dependent Texture.